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BB Atelier London

We work with a full range of mainly designers Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s wear including bridal dresses.

our offer

What we do?

Alterations & Tailoring work we do:

  • Dresses and skirts alterations
  • Bridal alterations
  • Blouses and shirts alterations
  • Trousers and jeans alterations
  • Ladies’ and men’s suits alterations
  • Zip replacement
  • Lengthening, Shortening and Let Out Services
  • Restoration, Resize or Repair services
  • Cutting Out
  • Made to Measure
  • Restyling & Restoring
  • Vintage Alterations
  • VIP Tailoring Services



How We work?

What we do?

 I work with full range of mainly designers Ladies and Gentlemen’s wear including bridal dresses


  • Dresses and gowns all types incl. natural fur and leather materials
  • Jackets and coats all types incl. natural fur and leather materials
  • Blouses
  • Skirts
  • Trousers
  • Bridal dresses


Works range please contact me

How we work?

Please be aware that I have often fittings with Clients then the best way to contact me is send me email or Whatsapp. I will respond as soon as I will able, maximum in 1 working day

Steps to contact me:

  1. Send me couple photos of item with pointed area for alteration

  2. Send me description what do you want to do and how many items required works

  3. Please send me your phone number

  4. I will back to you with answer is it possible to make it and estimate quote

  5. If you agree for estimated quote we will arrange fitting date at your home to mark and agree finally works

  6. I will deliver for you back at agreed day altered item

Please be aware that every item need fitting to do perfect alteration and fitting is free of charge

When and where?

Working hours are:

Mon-Fri                  10.00-18.00

Saturday                 CLOSED

Sunday                    CLOSED

Where I do my work

  • Outside London inside M25 or close
How we charge?

All prices are on request-every item and works are priced for specific work

  1. Fitting is free of charge
  2. Price is based on hours required to do perfect alteration
  3. Delivery charge is 35£ under 300£ and over 300£ works is free
  1. I do perfect job
  2. I always will advise you on fitting what is the best way to do perfect alterations and choose cost wise way
  3. If you find some mistake in alteration what i did i will re-do for you free of charge
  4. Items what i altered looks as well good as new-my alteration is almost invisible
  5. I will do for you work as quick as possible

Fittings are available for your convenience at your home address in London.

Feel free to contact us!


+44 7904 186 549